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  1. The ProCash 2100xe is an indoor full function ATM that covers a variety of functions.
  2. The ProCash 2250xe has been developed specifically for use from cars.
  3. ProCash 2150xe – the full function ATM for use outdoors and in lobbies that offers a wide range of services and ensures discretion
  4. ProCash 3100xe ProCash 2350xe
  5. The solution for all cash transactions in the self-service zone.
  6. The ProCash 4000xs is an indoor monofunction recycling ATM featuring an extremely small footprint.
  7. The ProCash 4000 is a compact cash recycling system for self-processing banknotes ona self-service basis.
  8. The ProCash 4100 is an indoor multifunction recycling automated teller machine.
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