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NCR 6674 Spare Parts


    NCR 6674 Spare Parts

    Issue Time:2014-01-09

    009-0023854 receipt printer 
    009-0023147 thermal water printer
    445-0693330 card reader with IC head
    EPP keypad
    445-0715025 host
    main power supplyer
    riot screen
    function keyboard
    6674 masks
    note-mouth spot
    009-00023114 Reject bin
    009-0023984 GBVM  module
    009-0023555 pre acceptor140R
    009-0023219 Separator 
    009-0022151 Upper transport
    009-0023220 Escrow temporary module
    009-0023991 Lower tr unit
    009-0023152 Cassette
    009-0023985 Cassette unit
    009-0023120 lower base
    009-002513624 Lower module
    banknote control panel

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