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ATM Part Diebold

ATM Part Diebold

"International Finance" ( Section 07 version March 20, 2013 )
Recently, Diebold announced the world's first intelligent power ATMs (ATM) - Diebold 429 ATM. Diebold machine is for rural and urban areas of India 's growing demand for self-service terminal specifically designed with a unique intelligent power management system that can automatically switch between the three power ( solar panels, AC and its own battery ) in . This unique design maximizes uptime terminal, reducing the total cost , to provide consumers with unprecedented convenience.

Because you can choose two different solar and AC power , the Indian market compared to the existing ATMs, Diebold 429 can save nearly 40 % of energy to achieve energy efficient . Meanwhile, the integration of its own internal battery that provides 4 childhood energy , and enhance the reliability of the machine.

Due equipped with an optional single cash storage module 429 can handle Diebold petty cash deposits and bill payments , greatly enhance the speed of the transaction.

" In response to the Indian government 's initiative to expand banking services , we design and manufacture the Diebold 429ATM machine ." Wico van Genderen Diebold president ( Asia Pacific ) said, " The models are equipped with a unique intelligent power management system, the energy consumption , high performance and high security features is consistent with environmental and consumer needs. this model can be widely placed in remote and rural areas , and provide customers with convenient, safe , versatile, practical and innovative services have technology meet Diebold customers have been our requirements . "
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